Policies and rules are developed to assist everyone involved in the club to understand how the club functions. This to remove any surprises and let all players know how the club operates before they commit to the club.


  1. Appointment of team officials
    1. Coach – Selected by the club coaching committee
    2. Assistant Coach, Team manager, Runner and initial sourced by the appointed coach with the names being provided to the club committee for approval. No appointments are provided until approved by the committee.
  1. Team Selection
    1. Players are to train for both training nights or have prior approval to not attend training from the coach.
    2. Players with injuries are to let the coach know of their injury.
    3. Player performance from the week proceeding is evaluated.
    4. Players registration to be paid in full by round 3 selection or by a payment plan.
    5. Under 19’s
      1. For the first game of the season, Second or third year Under 19’s players will be selected and remainder of the team filled with first year players.
  1. Thursday Nights.
    1. Meals will be provided in the club rooms for players and guests.
    2. Team Selection will be called out at approximately the following times (Players will not be notified until these times.)
      1. Under 19’s 8.00pm
      2. Reserves 8.30pm
      3. Seniors 8.45pm
  1. Juniors Football Club
    1. Seniors players will be rostered to attend junior football training.
  1. Game Day
    1. Under 19’s will assist with the setup of the ground for home games. Installing the goal post pads and dispersing the bins round the grounds.
  1. Coaching
    1. The club’s primary focus is on the senior side and training will be coordinated where possible to assist with created the strongest senior side. Players will need to be familiar with the senior side so that if selected can perform as a team to the clubs advantage. The senior coach will provide guidance to the Reserves and Under 18’s coach.
  1. Player Fees
    1. If a player is only selected for less than 3 games in the season due to their ability, then a proportion of their fees will be refunded.
    2. Payment Plan
      1. The plan will be a minimum payment of $50.00 per round starting before selection of round 1 and each payment received prior to selection. Any break in the payment plan will mean that you are placed at the end of the selection list. Players who are behind in payment by the greatest amount will be lowest on the list for selection.
  1. Consumption of Alcohol
    1. Minors are permitted one alcoholic Beveridge if purchased by their parent and consumed with a meal.